J. Kool

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faculteit der exacte wetenschappen ( biomoleculaire analyse en spectroscopie )
Assistant Professor

Dr. Jeroen Kool is an analytical chemist with research interests in high resolution screening of biologically active compounds. During his PhD study (2001-2005) at VU University, he focused on the integration of chemical - e.g. mass spectrometry (MS) - with biochemical detection after separation methodologies. Moreover, he worked on post-column coupling of enzyme and receptor assays that are relevant for toxicological and pharmacological studies to study drug-drug interactions, reactive intermediates and pharmacologically active metabolites. Following his doctorate, Kool joined Kiadis Pharma where he was responsible for target evaluation, hit screening and identification and lead optimization processes. His work mainly involved high resolution screening technologies in combination with MS identification, and the mammalian cellular screening portfolio. Dr. Kool continued his academic career as a postdoctoral fellow in the Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry group at Utrecht University. There he worked on proteomics (biomarker discovery) focusing on complex regional pain syndrome. In 2007, Dr. Kool was appointed assistant professor at the Division of Biomolecular Analysis of VU where he is responsible for the research line Bioactivity Screening Methodologies. His research achievements allow full compatibility of analytical separations with biological assays (including cellular) and parallel MS detection for investigation of bioactive mixtures (metabolic mixtures, venoms, natural extracts) using miniaturized setups and nanospotting technologies.

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